Past PFS Programming

Since the Fall of 2018, PFS instructors and organizers have put on some incredible classes and workshops. Read through to find out what you’ve missed!

Repair Café Toronto Troubleshooting Workshop
Nov 13th 6-8pm, PARC (1499 Queen St W)
Paul Magder, Instructor

Have you ever wondered why your toaster or DVD player just stopped working? Don’t know where to begin? Come to our free troubleshooting workshop and learn some simple steps to solving the mystery of broken stuff. Troubleshooting is a method for determining what caused your electrical or electronic equipment (or almost anything) to break.

This workshop will go through the logical process step by step. Bring a broken home appliance or some broken home electronic equipment to practice the troubleshooting method. If you can’t fix it then and there you will know why it isn’t working and if it can be fixed.