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PNLT contributes to local community economic development planning initiatives, consultations and visioning processes that maximize community participation and ensure the participation of low-income/marginalized people in community development.

Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) planning project

As a means to include the public in local community development and land use planning, throughout 2015 & 2016 PNLT contributed to the PCED project. The PCED project was an 18-month community-based planning initiative in Parkdale. The goal was to develop a strategic neighbourhood plan for Parkdale. The neighbourhood plan includes land use planning,  ‘community wealth building’ strategies, neighbourhood-based economic well-being indicators, and a shared vision for decent work in Parkdale. The PCED project takes a comprehensive and participatory approach that combines community research, asset mapping, community visioning, and strategy development. The project aims to examine a range of community assets and strategies essential for building a healthy and decent neighbourhood through seven key areas for community action and policy option:

  1. Social Infrastructure
  2. Affordable housing and land use
  3. Decent work and inclusive economic opportunities
  4. Health and food security
  5. Community financing
  6. Participatory local democracy
  7. Cultural development

The PCED project launched the Full Parkdale Planning Study report along with the Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan. Please download a PDF of the summary report and or full report.

The Full report details data analysis, needs & assets mapping results, key issues and opportunities for the seven areas of community action and policy options. The Full report also provides detailed descriptions of each direction, their rationales and inspiring examples from other neighbourhoods and cities.

Learn more about PCED and the planning process at:


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