Download the Parkdale Community Benefits Framework.

In 2018 the Parkdale People’s Economy developed a Community Benefits Framework to build a proactive response to the rise of developments and investments in the Parkdale neighbourhood. The framework was been developed through a series of community workshops, public lectures, and grounded experience organizing for community benefits in new developments.

The framework was first proposed through a community planning process led by over 30 community-based organizations and hundreds of residents to build Decent Work, Shared Wealth, and Equitable Development in Parkdale. Through a series of community-based consultations, the Parkdale Community Planning Study identified the establishment of a Community Benefits Framework as a key direction for advancing unified community needs and demands from infrastructure investment and development.

We envision a future in Parkdale where equity-seeking community members can live with dignity and benefit from changes happening in their own backyard.  We call upon community members and workers to unite and ensure that new developments address local needs in the community. We call upon community organizations to pave the way for equitable development and participatory democracy. We call upon local planners and political representatives to champion our causes. We call upon developers and investors to work collaboratively with community to ensure that new developments equitably benefit all residents.

Parkdale Peoples Economy would like to thank the Atkinson Foundation for their generous support for this project.