We’re hiring! Community Based Researchers Job Posting


The Neighbourhood Land Trust (NLT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the affordability, diversity, and equity of Parkdale by bringing land into community ownership and control. NLT works to acquire and manage land, leasing it at affordable rates to eligible charitable partners who provide community benefits including affordable and supportive housing. NLT also undertakes research and public education about these issues. Visit www.pnlt.ca for more information.

Job Application Deadline:     August 28, 2020

Job Title:    Community Based Researcher

Reports to:                 Community Based Research Coordinator

Hours & Rate:     15-20 hrs/wk @ $22.08/hr

Contract Period:             September 8, 2020 to December 4, 2020 (270 hours)

Mandatory Training:         September 14, 15, 16 (1:00 to 5:00 pm)


The Neighbourhood Land Trust (NLT), the charitable arm of the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT), is hiring tenants living in Parkdale’s rental towers to join our team as Community Based Researchers (CBRs).

Successful applicants will be trained and supported to carry out a community-based research study on housing affordability in high-rise rental apartment buildings in Parkdale. We will be documenting how the affordability in apartment buildings has changed over the past 10 years and the impacts of this on tenants.  We will also be working with tenants to identify and document strategies that the Parkdale community can implement in response to the housing affordability crisis.

Community Based Researchers will help us build a responsive and relevant research foundation. Only tenants have the lived experience and knowledge about what is really happening in their buildings. Tenant involvement in this project is absolutely necessary to identify priority issues and working solutions that create and protect housing affordability in our community.

Community Based Researchers will work as part of a small and dynamic team, committed to organizing and galvanizing the strength of this community. Our work is firmly embedded within a commitment to anti-oppression, radical social justice and systems change.

Primary responsibility of Community Based Researchers will include:

  • outreach to tenants in rental buildings
  • conduct interviews with tenants to gather research data
  • facilitate meetings with tenants
  • support tenant participation throughout the research process
  • provide advice that supports engaged tenant participation in the research

The ideal candidate will:

  • be a Parkdale tenant in a rental mid or high-rise building
  • have lived experience of housing instability and/or experience working in a neighborhood agency in a voluntary or paid position.
  • have strong oral communication skills and basic writing skills
  • demonstrated commitment to neighbourhood inclusiveness and social equity.

Additional skills which are not required, but will assist our project’s success:

  • second/third language proficiency
  • computer skills

Overall, we seek reliable and committed individuals with an interest in personal growth and a passion for neighborhood inclusion and social equity. Due to the importance of this role in the research project, direct mentorship and on the job training are provided. This position requires attendance in a 15-20 hour in-house training on research objectives, methods and skills. We strongly encourage applications from equity-seeking groups and identities (including working class, black, indigenous, new immigrant, LGBTQ, etc). We aim to foster a workplace that reflects the diversity of the community.


Submit an application by email to tendondongtotsang@pnlt.ca with a short statement explaining why you are interested in this job and what makes you a good fit for this position. Include CV if available (but not required).

We want to hear from you even if you don’t have email or wifi. You can also make an appointment to give us your statement on the phone. Ph: 647.677.3513. Please call only if email is not accessible to you.

Note: For successful candidates, 1 reference (work or personal) is required.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: August 28, 2020 at 5:00 pm EST

  • Assist with data collection and data entry
    • Conduct interviews with tenants and other stakeholders to gather data
    • Ensure that the area/building assigned and interview list is fully covered by a given deadline
    • Obtain all needed documents, materials and support to successfully complete approximately 50 interviews
    • Complete all documentation including timesheets, questionnaires, and other forms in a timely manner
    • Provide feedback on data collection tools and processes.
    • Actively engage with the project team and all stakeholders to enrich the research process by sharing your perspective and experiences.
  • Assist with data analysis and community consultation
    • Attend 1-2 meetings to collaboratively analyze data with stakeholders providing input and support as needed
    • Work in a team to prepare summary of the data collection experience
    • Attend 1-2 meetings to collaboratively identify housing solutions with the community; provide input and support as needed.
    • Work in a team to prepare group presentation on the data collection and analysis work
  • Other
    • Attend all training classes (September 14, 15 & 16, 1:00pm to 5:00pm)
    • Study the questionnaire and other materials provided carefully to understand all documents thoroughly. Request support when needed.
    • Ensure that financial procedures and policies are followed in accordance with PNLT policies and processes.
    • Support PNLT’s media interactions;
    • Support PNLT membership, volunteers and staff as required
  • Lived experience as a tenant in Parkdale is highly desirable, along with any paid or unpaid experience with housing committees, housing advocacy groups and/or other housing related work
  • Strong verbal communication skills, including on the phone, in-person, one-on-one and in small group interactions. Skilled in listening with attention and empathy, speaking clearly, and with confidence to ask questions and provide constructive feedback
  • Adequate reading and writing skills to conduct interviews with a questionnaire
  • Emotionally capable and able to identify and manage your emotions, as well as other people’s emotions. Group discussions and interviews may address sensitive topics around housing accessibility and conditions that may be difficult for you or others to discuss. A welcoming and generous approach to emotional experiences and conversations is necessary and supported by all team members.
  • Demonstrated ability to work within a diverse community (including work, personal or social engagement with seniors, youth, people with different abilities and different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds).
  • Experience with community service (volunteering) and/or engagement in Parkdale is an asset.
  • Ability to speak a language relevant to the neighbourhood is an asset
  • Comfortable with computer applications such as Microsoft Word; experience using Excel and Powerpoint is a benefit but not required for the job
  • Commitment to working from a strong anti-oppression and social justice framework.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: August 28, 2020 at 5:00 pm EST