NLT’s Rent Relief Program

What is it?

TThe Neighbourhood Land Trust has a new Rent Relief program. The Rent Relief program aims to support tenants experiencing unexpected temporary financial hardship or struggling to pay rental arrears.

Why was the program created?

The program was created to prevent tenants from losing their housing because of financial hardship, and to minimise the financial stress to the Land Trust that happens when tenants cannot pay their rent.

Who can apply?

Any tenant living in property owned by The Neighbourhood Land Trust who is experiencing temporary unexpected financial hardship or is struggling to pay their arrears is eligible to apply for rent relief.  If your financial hardship comes from permanent changes to your income you will not be eligible for rent relief. 

When can I apply?

You can apply at any time. Once you apply we will contact you near the end of the month to arrange a confidential interview.  If your application is not approved this month, you may be eligible to apply again next month.

Is the program confidential?

Yes, participation in the Rent Relief Program is fully confidential.  Only NLT staff who administer the program will be aware of your application, and only your landlord will know that you have received rent relief.

What about transparency and fairness?

The Rent Relief Program is overseen by the Rent Relief Committee of the PNLT Board of Directors.  If you have concerns about how your application was handled you can appeal your application to the Committee for review. 

How can I apply?

Please fill out this online form! If you have questions about the rent relief program or wish to apply please email or call (647) 812-4987 and leave a message.